I Shot My Baby Down

So I've been shooting a lot of zombies lately....

I started with Resident Evil 4 (love that game - try playing it by yourself in the dark for a real thrill). Then I moved on to The House of the Dead-Overkill. Awesome game! Overkill? absolutely but I loved every minute. The carnage, the graphics - Rob Zombie would be proud.

It gave me an idea to do a series of grind house paintings.  I started by looking at old pulp fiction novels...I have a hefty collection already but I was looking for something particularly hip to get me started.

The lesbian ones are the best.  Here are some of my favorites~

But then I stumbled upon the perfect's not grind house exactly, but it's so very, very cool. A dame with a smoking gun, lounging after she shot her baby down. Her eyes dare you to speak but you don't, you may be next :)

Even though my favorite medium is oils, I love grabbing a pad of drawing paper and not really knowing where I'll end up. I started with a simple charcoal sketch, then cleaned it up a bit on Photoshop to fix the contrast and the edges.

After that, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, so I played with some filters. I liked the different color combinations so much I thought why not run them together and try a gif?  This is what I came up with.



Voila! My first gif :) 

I was thinking these might make cute tank tops... what do you think?