How did you hear about my artwork?



Ginger Del Rey was born in Madison, WI and has a BFA in Fine Arts from Drake University. She began her artistic career as a costume designer and scenic artist in the theatre. This lead to a career as a professional mural painter in NYC, working for both commercial and private clients for over 10 years. During this time she honed her skills and developed her own style of highly saturated and individualistic portraiture that is expressed in a range of styles from photo-realistic to impressionistic.

Her process usually begins with a photoshoot inspired by how the model would like to be perceived and painted. If a photoshoot isn’t possible, Ginger works with varied inspiration and collages her ideas together.

Ginger spends weeks layering the photo selections with texture, color, light and filters to achieve a plan for her painting.  She then paints her design using oils on canvas or wood, sometimes playing with with gold leaf and saturated drips and washes of paint. 



My paintings reveal my adoration of the beauty inherent in every woman. My portraits are of friends, lovers, dancers- women I admire for their grace and strength and complexity. I believe painting a woman is the best way to truly understand her. Spending hours studying every surface, every shaded plane...the way her mouth curves just so or the slight expansion of her retina as her eyes adjust to the flash - my subject always reveals herself, whether she intends to or not.