Pretty Pretty

People ask me all the time, where do you get your models?

It just so happens that I am particularly blessed with having an abundance of gorgeous ladyfriends who are all on my list of people-I-absolutely-must-paint.  (I have some pretty man-candy too, but they're shy about getting painted because I insist on silly poses and headdresses...)

A couple of weeks ago I invited my friend Jorgi to come visit me in Williamsburg for a fun, girly photoshoot in my loft. Jorgi is a doll. She looks like a supermodel, but acts like a small-town girl who doesn't know it.  Sweet, loyal, generous of heart...and yeah, sometimes a little dorky, which is adorable. Jorgi is always up for fun.  Doesn't matter if it's Basement Bhangra or a bouncy house style marathon race or really anything I suggest - that girl is IN.  

Here's a pic of her trying to look badass (which is hysterical to me) and doing a pretty damn good job of it!

Jorgi flips me the bird

So back to the photoshoot.....

Despite hangovers, L train crap, and overcast skies we managed to have a pretty awesome shoot! Six costume changes and about a zillion pics yielded a bounty of good shots. The best weren't even shots I'd planned, just stuff that happened because we were going with it.  <good life advice>

Here's an example:  "Hey Jorgi, shake your curls out a bit, it's too cute. wait. wait, that's awesome. OMG do that! again... yes! again... now keep doing it until you want to kill me!"  <ahh hangovers> 

Jorgi is a trooper. So we celebrated with Thai food... as one must after actually being productive when you rightfully could have slept all day.

And here is my first painting from that shoot.  I like it because it shows that wild side that she lets out every now and then :)  Wanna help me name it? 

xxoo Ginger

Here's a slideshow of how I got there: